Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Highlights of Fakir Hossain’s Professional and Scholastic Life

Fakir Hossain with rock-hard background in IT Industry, Travel Industry, Group Purchasing Industry, Manufacturing Industry and Defence Industry is an award-winning polymath and successful business tycoon. He is, as a matter of fact, the proud owner of the famous prestigious Eden College International London. The magnate is reckoned to have a few other colleges bearing the name Eden College in a variety of other international countries like South African, Ireland etc.  

 Fakir Hossain Eden College

Mr. Fakir is thoroughly a big wheel who seems to hail from Bangladesh, his motherland for whom success keeps to shining through his professional stint. He has earned his Master’s Degree from the Dublin University. Fakir Hossain at present lives in Finglas, Ireland with his wife and four children. He strives tirelessly to earn a next level of competitive edge in the industry through his painstaking efforts. 

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