Monday, 30 March 2015

Fakir Hossain - A Jack of All Trades

Fakir Hossain, the owner of various Eden Colleges in different countries, is guessed to be a native to Bangladesh and a magnate of various booming businesses. Fakir 35+, a man of parts, presently resides in Finglas, Ireland with his wife and children. In an effort to distinguish himself from the competitors, Mr. Fakir seems to have no ending to excel in his professional life as a result of which the great industrialist has been able to mark a record in the industry he deals in.

Concerning education background, Fakir Hossain is endowed with a variety of recognized degrees in Bachelors and Masters from different university of the world, although he is guessed to have done his Masters’ from the well-recognized Dublin University of Ireland. During his previous scholastic stint, he has been feted with different prized awards and honours by McMurry University, Texas and US Air Force Department. Suffice to say, Fakir Hossain is a Jack-Of-All-Trades.

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